In 2018

  • August 14th : MZE SHINA concert in tandem with the Beatus ensemble Temps Sacrés, Temps Profanes, church of Meymac (19)
  • September 15th : MZE SHINA concert Temps Sacrés, Temps Profanes, at the festival l'Esprit des Pierres - Limôges (87)
  • October 6th : MZE SHINA in concert at Château de Leuville (91)
  • October 24th to 28th : Mze Shina Productions will be present at WOMEX, Canary Islands - Spain
  • November 16th : Siesta in music with VOYCE at the Forum du Bien Être - Pacé (35)
  • November 24th& 25th : Workshop of Georgian harmonies at the Antre 2 café - Rennes
  • November 30th and December 1st : two workshops of Georgian harmonies followed by a "Supra" a musical banquet at the Centre Culturel La Maline, l'Ile de Ré information / 05 46 29 93 53
  • December 8th : performance of ODOÏA by the MZE SHINA ensemble at the Theater Odette Simonneau presented by Art & Culture de Melesse (35)

En 2019

  • January 19th & 20th : MZE SHINA concert and a workshop of Georgian harmonies at the Centre Culturel Crozon (29) informations / 02 08 15 22 09
  • 25 janvier : Concert de Fly Away au Babazula - Rennes
  • February 20th : master class of Georgian harmonies for students of the CFMI at the Philharmonic of Paris
  • from March 2nd to June 23rd : four weekends singing, acting and writing for the theater workshop at the MJC La Paillette - Rennes, inscriptions et information : 02 99 59 88 88 /
  • March 22nd & 23rd : workshop of Georgian harmonies at Mayenne Culture - Laval 02 43 67 60 98
  • April 2nd to 6th : Northern Harmony on tour in the région with a workshop of traditional world harmonies April 6th at the MJC La Paillette - Rennes
  • May 18th & 19th : MZE SHINA concert and a workshop of Georgian harmonies at the theater of the Forges Royales, Nevers (58) information
  • June 15th : performance for very young public EKKO at the public library of Melesse (35)
  • June 24th : culmination of the creation "Supra" at the theater La Paillette - Rennes

In the news

The new album ODOÏA by MZE SHINA was released Decembre 15th, 2017 on the Buda Musique label.
Read the article about it in Télérama fff !

A new creation, Temps Sacrés, Temps Profanes
The director of the Beatus Ensemble, Jean-Paul Rigaud has invited Mze Shina to create a program of sacred and profane music from the 13th century and Georgian traditional songs. The project is titled Temps Sacrés, Temps Profanes. There will be some songs in common as well as trios during the concert. This creation will be presented for the first time on August 14th août after a period of artist in residence funded by the DRAC and the municipality of Meymac (19).

The Association Mze Shina is a member of the collective Bretagne(s) World Sounds and Zone Franche