MZE SHINA means the « inner sun » in Georgian.

Under the artistic direction of Denise and Craig Schaffer, the Mze Shina Association supports different projects such as concerts, interdisciplinary productions linking theatre and music, as well as producing records. Their créations and musical groups are reaching an ever widening public, traditional and world music notably from the Républic of Georgia, Turkey, Ireland and the USA.

Denise and Craig Schaffer also share their passion through choir direction, cultural actions, workshops and master classes allowing participants of all ages and horizons, to discover from the interior the beauty of these traditional harmonies.

During their residencies and over the years, they have developped a pedagogical activity ranging from primary school to high school. An opening to the world and a return to our origins : traditional music is the root of modern popular music and singing is part of every musical culture.

Craig Schaffer is from California, Denise Schaffer was born in Peru. Partners in music as in life, they have explored different repertoires of traditional song for many years and are inspired to create music in which singing, polyphony, resonance and vibration are sources emotion and energy. This music moves us because it is part of us, it is rooted deep within each of us, to what connects us to our past and to our memories to come.

Song has the capacity to transport us across time and space. An ancient memory is awakened by the voice within…

François Cervantes author and stage director







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Denise Schaffer : vocals, tchonguri, panduri, tchangi
Craig Schaffer : vocals, tchonguri, panduri, tchuniri
Ronan Mancec : vocals          Nicolas Leguet : vocals

concert of Georgian harmonies


Read the article about the new album ODOÏA in Télérama fff

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listen to Tchkim Tchongouri from the album ODOÏA
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listen to Shen Khar Venakhi liturgical chant from the album ODOÏA

CDs for sale : Soleil Intérieur, Kirialesa, Ushba, ODOÏA

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  • February 8th : Concert at the festival Au Fil des Voix Studio Ermitage - Paris
  • May 19th : ODOÏA at the festival Etonnants Voyageurs Châteaubriand Theatre - Saint Malo (35) teaser !
  • July 20th : Concert at Castle Hunaudaye - Plédéliac (22)
  • 14 août : Concert with the ensemble Beatus "Temps sacrés, Temps profanes", church of Meymac (19)
  • 15 septembre : Concert with the ensemble Beatus "Temps sacrés, Temps profanes", at the festival l'Esprit des Pierres - Limôges (87)

MZE SHINA means the “inner sun” in Georgian.
The artists of Mze Shina interpret traditional vocal polyphony from the Republic of Georgia in the CAUCASUS. This music is sung a cappella or accompanied by traditional instruments.  Mze Shina derives their inspiration at the heart of an oral tradition dating back to antiquity, their concert renders an imaginarium beyond the language barrier so as to share a poetic moment with the public, spoken, sung, experienced. Their voices unite to serve a tradition passed down through ages.